It is finally happening. The heat wave is over, the light is hitting lower and the fall is slowly arriving.

Photo:Tom O’Doherty

But at pOnderosa, we are still in the heat of things! The Church still stands and books are being made - recipes, archives, collages and the Living Library book remakes!

The ConIVerge group is very busy creating works beaming with the positive intensive collaborative process.

Come stay the weekend and see ConIVerge’s collaborative performances

September 11-13

Come experience apple picking time and holunder berries - why not? Or join us C.R.E.A.P.s, and participate in our artist-in-residence program, a ten day, self-organized adventure.

Come work with Benoit LaChambre, our final big workshop/artistic process of the season!

Photo:Tom O’Doherty

Your Ponderosa Team
Uli, Steph, Agne, Kata, Carol & Adi

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Ponderosa is an international artist run/nonprofit organization that encourages the expression of the creative body and mind, the esoteric critic and the conceptual freak. Ponderosa, an orientation in multi-disciplinary layers turning the regular into dance and art. 

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