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October 5-15!! C.R.E.A.P. - Fall Residency, 2015!!

After a full summer season we would like to open the space for artists who would like to explore the area and the space Ponderosa has to offer. This is an invitation to bring your own work to the space, share the space, engage with the space, perform, teach, exchange and present ideas, forums and politically social inquires about art making.

The countryside living is driven by the seasons, what is possible for your artistic work and or your comfort living here varies from person to person and with our organization.

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the living Library

The Living Library has now its own website! 

The website offers access to the online catalogue listing all the documents (books, magazines and DVDs) present in the shelves as well as documentation from the events which happened in the library during the past two years.

Stay tuned for futures events and publications coming up during the CHURCH summer. 

Your Ponderosa Team
Uli, Steph, Agne, Kata, Carol & Adi

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Ponderosa is an international artist run/nonprofit organization that encourages the expression of the creative body and mind, the esoteric critic and the conceptual freak. Ponderosa, an orientation in multi-disciplinary layers turning the regular into dance and art. 

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