Photo: Saliq Savage, Ponderosa Summer 2013

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Dear visitors, 

Our summer program is online! From May until September we offer a wide range of Workshops for dancers and movers, AIR opportunities for artists and choreographers, P.O.R.C.H. Summer School for aspiring professionals and the Living Library infrastructure for readers and writers. 

It's time to register! 

On deck: Stephanie MaherKathleen HermesdorfPeter PleyerHanna HegenscheidtSandra WieserKirstie SimsonAlicia GrantZinzi BuchananPipaluk SupernovaHoward KatzDani BrownKeith HennessyJess CurtisElizabeth ZimmerSaliq SavageTove SahlinMaria F. ScaroniJassem HindiJennifer Lacey and many more!

P.O.R.C.H. Summer School 2014

June 3-29, Training Module with S. Maher, K. Hermesdorf, P. Pleyer & Guests

July 14-Aug 2, Performance Module with S. Maher, P. Pleyer & Guests

Aug 12-31, Choreographic Module with S. Maher, M. F.Scaroni, J. Hindi & Guests



May 10, Countryside Saturdays with Sandra Wieser


June 7, Countryside Saturdays with Sandra Wieser

June 16-20, Ways Of Seeing: Improvisation & Performance with Kirstie Simson 

June 23-27, Dance and Activism with Pipaluk Supernova and Tash Verco

June 23-27 - Klein Technique with Hanna Hegenscheidt

June 23-27 - The 5 Qualities with Howard Katz


July 15-Aug 1,  Mornings: bmc / technique class / Kundalini Yoga

July 15-19, Unsetteling Modernism/Performing Improvisation with K. Hennessy

July 15-19, Lap Dance - A Private Dance with Dani Brown and Gael Cleinow

July 21-25, Contact Improvisation: Skill is a Meditation with Jess Curtis

July 21-25, Improvising & Composing with Pipaluk Supernova

July 23-27, Kamikaze Dance Writing Workshop with Elizabeth Zimmer

July 28-Aug 1, The CREAPS 

July 28-Aug 2, Dance Demo/Performing the protest with Tove Sahlin

July 28-Aug 1, Thank Goodness for our bodies with Saliq Savage


Aug 13-17, Improvisation & Compostion with Jennifer Lacey

Artist in Residency Program 2014

May 23 - June 1, Dance Your Question - CI with G. Daniels, E. Seidel, H. Kuhlmann 

Sept 22 - Oct 5, AIR – Con|Verge curated by M. Pearson, M. Wolodarski, K. Kovacs


June 29 - July 6, Tango Differente

Aug 4-10, Tango Treat 

Aug 24 - Sept 21, EX-IN with David Zambrano

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Write us to: info@ponderosa-dance.de

Steph, Uli, Adi & Sandra

Ponderosa is an international artist run/nonprofit organization that encourages the expression of the creative body and mind, the esoteric critic and the conceptual freak. Ponderosa, an orientation in multi-disciplinary layers turning the regular into dance and art.